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            GelView6000 ProⅡ


            GelView6000 Pro Ⅱ multi-function image workstation is a new imaging system.


            1. Used in various chemiluminescence imaging, such as ECL, ECLPlus, Super Signal, etc.
            2. For DNA / RNA, protein gel electrophoresis imaging of various dyes;
            3. For imaging of various hybrid membranes such as Western, Norther, Southern, Dot/Slot blot;
            4. Other applications, such as petri dish colony counts, microplates, autoradiographic film analysis, etc. 

            1. For imaging of chemiluminescence, agarose gel, etc.;
            2. High resolution CCD: using 6 million pixel CCD, with extremely high resolution and sensitivity;
            3. CCD: Deeply cooled CCD (up to 65 ℃ at ambient temperature), which can perform long-term luminescence imaging;
            4. Fast cooling speed: 3min can cool down to -20 ℃;
            5. Sample platform: double-layer adjustable stage to meet different experimental needs;
            6. Pixel merging: Through pixel merging (up to 24 × 24), further improve the sensitivity of chemiluminescence imaging and capture weak luminescence signals;

            7. Lens: F0.95 super large aperture electric fixed focus lens with auto focus function, can automatically focus on the sample taken.

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